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The Devotional Prayer of Changes

The Devotional Prayer of Changes is a participatory process that has a real basis in the psycho-physics of the universe. It is a means for participating in the real universe, and in Reality Itself, in such a manner as ...

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The Laying On Of Hands

In this post, excerpted from the book Conductivity Healing, two devotees of Avatar Adi Da describe doing the laying on of hands on a fellow devotee who was dying of cancer. They write: A devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj ...

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Everything Is Energy

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj brings unprecedented clarity to the nature of energy healing and the context in which it is engaged. Specifically, He gives straightforward and precise descriptions of the energy ...

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flow of energy

Conducting the Flow of Natural Life-Energy

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj uses the term “conductivity” to describe the practice of magnifying and circulating natural life-energy in the body. Such “conductivity” of natural life-energy is the practical foundation of all the energy-healing practices given by Avatar Adi Da.

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The Art of True Healing

In this excerpt from Conductivity Healing, Avatar Adi Da describes how to take personal responsibility for one’s own psycho-physical well-being—through healing practices, through living a disciplined life, and ...

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Breath and Emotion Are Identical

In this excerpt from the book Conductivity Healing, His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da describes the “feeling-cycle of the breath”, and the role of breath in maintaining “responsibility for love in every moment...

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selfless healing in fiji

Lessons about “selfless” Healing

In this story, excerpted from Conductivity Healing, a devotee of Avatar Adi Da is invited to do body-work on Him—and learns an important lesson of selfless healing. Ross Keen, a body worker and osteopath who special...

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The Graceful Power of Perfect Healing

The morning after my intimate partner learned she had a recurrence of breast cancer, I found her at the computer in her office, weeping—and writing. I knew she was overwhelmed with fear and sorrow, and I thought she ...

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The whole body is the body that includes not only the physical but the etheric, the emotional, the mental, the conscious awareness, and the “root”.