The Graceful Power of Perfect Healing

The morning after my intimate partner learned she had a recurrence of breast cancer, I found her at the computer in her office, weeping—and writing. I knew she was overwhelmed with fear and sorrow, and I thought she might be writing to a family member or friend about her plight. But when she turned from the computer screen to talk to me, I was surprised to see her face was…radiant with joy.

That paragraph begins the foreword I wrote for the book Conductivity Healing: Energy-Healing Practices That Support An Intelligent, Harmonious, and Flowing Re-Integration of The Physical and Etheric Dimensions of The Human Body, as Given by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

I happily and gratefully wrote that foreword—as a lifelong professional writer and editor in the field of health and healing; as a certified natural health coach; and as a lifelong student and devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Now, as your host for the blog that accompanies this website, I’d like to start the blog with the foreword, to give you a sense of this unique, helpful and illuminating book. To continue the story…

She told me that in the darkness of early morning, having been up all night, her mind racing, her heart haunted by terror and despair, she had given up trying to figure a way out of her life-threatening disease—a new diet, a new drug, a new doctor, a new plan. And in that heartbroken moment of surrender, she felt the blessing energy of Avatar Adi Da Samraj—her spiritual master—an energy that suddenly freed her awareness from fearful identification with the dying body-mind, and revealed her true and eternal identity as prior to the body-mind.
She told me, in weeping joy, that she knew her true identity to be a limitless field of awareness, of free and blissful energy, of Conscious Light—as Adi Da describes it, Self-Radiant, egoless Love, One and Indivisible and Perfectly Sufficient. Adi Da is that; she is that; everyone and everything is that. No matter what happened, in life and in death, Conscious Light would always be the case.
She was gratefully writing Avatar Adi Da to thank him for his profound gift, the gift of “radical” healing (as he calls it): healing that is not achieved by seeking for a cure or remedy, but by a searchless awakening to what is “radical” or at the root; an awakening to what is always and already whole and healed.
And now it is my honor and privilege to write the foreword to the newest book to present Adi Da’s philosophy and practice of “radical healing: Conductivity Healing. It is a book intended for the devoted students of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. And it is also a book intended for any interested student of health and healing—health practitioners, and people who want better health.
I was asked to write the foreword because I have been both a longtime devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and a bestselling health writer, with more than a dozen books published in the U.S. and worldwide. During my forty years of writing about health, I have interviewed thousands of health practitioners, and read articles, books, and scientific papers by tens of thousands more. Medical doctors and naturopaths. Nutritionists and herbalists. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and faith healers. Yoga teachers and massage therapists. Practitioners of Native American Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Researchers at Harvard, Stanford, the Mayo Clinic, and other leading universities and hospitals. And over those four decades of investigating and writing, I have encountered a seemingly endless array of remedies and methods for health and healing, most with value in relieving suffering—from gene-targeting pharmaceuticals to water fasting, from gamma knife radiosurgery to chakra healing.
But I have never met another healer like Avatar Adi Da Samraj. And I have never read another health book like Conductivity Healing.
To my mind, the greatest healer is a person who can guide and help the individual to a state of real healing, to a real cure, in which Conscious Light is realized as one’s true and deathless identity, and all the inevitable difficulties and dissatisfactions of daily life—including illness—are felt within It. In my experience, Adi Da is such a healer.
And in this utterly unique health book he guides and helps every reader to understand that existence is a vast vibratory field of living energy—and that there are practical ways to “conduct” life-energy throughout the body-mind, for balance and well-being. In this revelatory book, you’ll find:
How effective healing must take into account the entire structure of the human being. How life-energy is discovered primarily through feeling. The paramount importance of breath in energy healing. A simple and profound approach to the prayerful laying on of hands. The importance of touch for healing. And the way to wellness not only for each individual but for all the humans and non-humans of Earth.
It is my heartfelt hope that you benefit bodily, mentally, and emotionally from the principles and practices communicated in this book. I hope, too, that you feel the healing energy communicated by the words and person of Avatar Adi Da Samraj—his mysterious transmission of Conscious Light, which has the graceful power of perfect healing.

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