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About This Book


In mid-2008, a few months before His physical passing, His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj asked that a book be created to communicate His Teachings about energy healing. In response to that request, this book was compiled from a vast array of instruction (given from 1972 to 2008) about how a person can participate in and as energy—in the context of the body, the total universe, and Reality Itself.

Implicit in all of Avatar Adi Da’s instructions is an invitation to participate in direct relationship with Him. Thus, you are invited to receive the words contained in this book as a living, personal, direct communication from His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da to you—a communication not just to your mind, but to the depths of your heart.


In Conductivity Healing, you’ll discover…

  1. How effective healing must take into account the entire structure of the human being.
  2. How life-energy is experienced primarily through feeling.
  3. The paramount importance of breath in energy healing.
  4. A simple and profound approach to the prayerful laying on of hands.
  5. The importance of touch for healing.
  6. The way to wellness not only for each individual—but for all the humans and non-humans of earth.

The Author

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1939–2008) devoted His entire lifetime to revealing and establishing a unique means for human beings to discover the ultimate nature of Reality iItself, which He describes as Conscious Light, or the “Bright”. Avatar Adi Da communicated this Reality not just through words or philosophy, but by His direct Spiritual Transmission, as Conscious Light. Avatar Adi Da’s transformative Spiritual Presence remains alive and active, even after His physical passing.

During His lifetime, Avatar Adi Da touched and transformed the lives of many thousands of individuals. In this context, He founded a new sacred tradition, purposed to realizing Conscious Light. This tradition, called the Reality-Way of Adidam, is available to all who respond most seriously to His Spiritual calling.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj also established a new basis for human culture as a whole. In His books Not-Two Is Peace and Prior Unity, He communicates principles of cooperation, tolerance, and peace, for a world fractured by conflict and strife.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj authored more than seventy books of Transcendental, Spiritual, philosophical, social, and practical Wisdom. This vast body of Teachings clarifies every area of human life and provides a unique understanding of the human condition and the great process of Spiritual growth and Realization of Conscious Light. His writings have been acclaimed by Alan Watts, Irina Tweedie, Jeffrey Kripal, Andrew Harvey, and many others. His book Easy Death was called a “masterpiece” by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, noted author and pioneer researcher on death and dying.

Avatar Adi Da’s life was a living demonstration of the Conscious Light that is Reality Itself. His communications are profoundly relevant to people of all cultures, faiths, and traditions. He has fully established a new blueprint for human growth and the Spiritual transformation of all beings.