The Laying On Of Hands

In this post, excerpted from the book Conductivity Healing, two devotees of Avatar Adi Da describe doing the laying on of hands on a fellow devotee who was dying of cancer. They write:

A devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj writes:

My friend and fellow devotee Jeff, who was in the last days of his life, asked me and my intimate-partner to do the laying on of hands with him each day. This was a special time when we could bring him our energy.

We would sit on his bed and each focus on a different area of Jeff’s body. He had an altar with a Murti [a representational image of the Guru] of Avatar Adi Da Samraj near his bed, and the room felt full with Divine Presence. I could feel Jeff’s one-pointed attention on his Guru. I would invoke Avatar Adi Da in my heart, and then place my hands above Jeff’s heart, head, navel, or feet. Immediately I would feel a current of energy running through me and into Jeff and then, in this particular circumstance, felt the current of healing energy returning from him and moving back through my body. I envisioned light and blessing with each breath. The breath was part of the process of reception and release.

I felt a deep love for Jeff, beyond what I had felt in our everyday encounters. It was a love that came from beyond me, and that was all about bringing him this love through healing energy. I could feel his body—which was often in much pain—relax, and I could feel him moving into a peaceful state that was just about feeling and breathing.

What was most amazing about these sessions of the laying on of hands was that I did not feel like I had to do any kind of procedure, or even think about what I was doing. As soon as I would begin, it was like I was just a vehicle for the healing work. It was as if I had been plugged into a circuit of infinite light, love, and energy, and I was just a means to help that wash over and through Jeff’s physical and etheric bodies. This was the simplest experience of the laying on of hands that I have ever had.

When we would leave the room, we would remark about what a gift the session had been for us. It was just like sitting in Darshan with Avatar Adi Da Samraj. [Darshan is a formal occasion of sacred sighting of Avatar Adi Da’s human form.] It was a forgetting of myself, a forgetting of all of my concerns for Jeff, and a most precious chance to Commune with What is Greater than all of us. I was instructed in a non-verbal, feeling manner about how to engage in the Sacrament of Universal Sacrifice. [The constant and real exchange between the devotee and Avatar Adi Da: the devotee is always offering the gift of the surrender of egoic “self” to Avatar Adi Da, and always receiving Avatar Adi Da’s Gift of Diving Blessing in return.] Giving and receiving, breathing and feeling, with the heart wide open. Instead of being like a knotted ball of twine inside myself, the thread was being unraveled. The threads were numerous—light-and-energy connections, with no limitation.

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