The Devotional Prayer of Changes

The Devotional Prayer of Changes is a participatory process that has a real basis in the psycho-physics of the universe. It is a means for participating in the real universe, and in Reality Itself, in such a manner as to release the characteristics in the human body-mind-complex which are holding certain conditions in place, and to animate the characteristics in the human body-mind-complex which can be exercised so as not to hold those conditions in place.

That is a passage from the book Conductivity Healing, in which Avatar Adi Da Samraj instructs about The Devotional Prayer of Changes, a practice of ego-transcending prayer that He gives to His devotees.

In the following story of healing, a devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes her practice of this prayer to heal fibroids in her uterus. She writes:

A number of years after having had surgery to remove the fibroids in my uterus, I found out that I had them again. And shortly thereafter I began to have occasional spotting, which was a sign that these growths were affecting the uterus.
At this point, it was clear that I had to take responsibility for my life and health in an entirely new way. So, one day, while I was on retreat at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary [a Hermitage Sanctuary spiritually empowered by Avatar Da], I decided that I was going to just completely resort to Avatar Adi Da—rather than continuing to be eaten alive by my conviction of impending doom.
I read Avatar Adi Da’s instructions on how to practice the Devotional Prayer of Changes and began to do it on the spot, not waiting until I was in a formal circumstance. I turned my feeling-attention to Avatar Adi Da and then began to exhale all negativity associated with my body, particularly my reproductive organs.
Immediately, I felt how I had not actively been conducting loving energy to this part of my body over the years. And this reminded me that soon after I’d first been diagnosed with fibroids, I had received Communications from Avatar Adi Da in which He indicated that I stored my reactive emotions in my reproductive organs.
So, as Avatar Adi Da instructed, I began to presume my uterus and ovaries were in normal condition and shape. I envisioned my uterus, ovaries, and whole lower body to be completely free of any obstructions. As I did this, I felt relieved of the verbal mind and its limitations, and sensitized to an expansive state that was free of fear and concern about health and death. In the submitted, surrendered state, it was clear that I was greater than the body-mind. I was radiant energy, and I no longer had to “buy” any assumed limitations. I felt Avatar Adi Da showing me the simple process of granting attention to Him, rather than granting it to my “problem”. It soon became clear that whether I continued to have difficulties with my health was not the point. It was clear that Communion with Avatar Adi Da, the Radiant One, was the “point”.
I began to do the Devotional Prayer of Changes every day, and when I came out of meditation each day my intimate partner would also do the laying on of hands on me. Pretty soon I stopped looking for the symptoms. I simply began to relax into the prayer, trusting that the Divine was healing me. I was beginning to have faith with my mind as well as my heart. The mind was not doubting and undermining this real process. It, too, was being healed—of negative presumptions.
So the symptoms became secondary or incidental to me. As it happened, at the time of the month when they usually would have reappeared, the symptoms did not recur. But that was not the point. I had been shown a superior process of dependence on faith and Grace. In yielding to a principle superior to the egoic dilemma, I was drawn out of myself into direct Communion with the Divine.

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