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Lessons about “selfless” Healing

In this story, excerpted from Conductivity Healing, a devotee of Avatar Adi Da is invited to do body-work on Him—and learns an important lesson of selfless healing. Ross Keen, a body worker and osteopath who specializes in chronic pain, writes:

“In 1992, I went on my first retreat to Avatar Adi Da’s Hermitage in Fiji. I had only been a devotee for six months, so I was really surprised when I was suddenly invited to do my professional form of body-work on Avatar Adi Da. I had not expected anything like this and had no reference for what it would be like to be in such a circumstance with Avatar Adi Da—in fact, I was completely petrified!
But later, when I first went in to see Avatar Adi Da, I was only a couple of feet away from Him and I looked into His Eyes and it was like looking into Infinity. He did not say anything. I prostrated, and then I started to do body-work on Him.
During the treatment session, I was still nervous, but I also felt there was a lot going on that I had no idea about. Afterward, nothing was said about the body-work. A week later, I was called to work on Avatar Adi Da again. This time I felt a little more confident. I started working on Him, and then about halfway through the occasion, this stray thought flitted into my mind: “Maybe I can help this man.” As soon as I thought it, I instantly recognized it was the ego designating itself as “the healer” and approaching Him as an “ordinary man”.
Two nights later, I was told that there were Communications from Avatar Adi Da for me. Instantly, I knew what they were about. It was an extensive Communication, in which Avatar Adi Da directly Addressed my presumptions about being “a healer”. I’ve always resisted being called a healer, because I really don’t see myself that way, but obviously part of me had some kind of feeling that I was! So I felt that Avatar Adi Da was reading things about me that I was hiding from myself. His Communications repeatedly referred to “healer-types”, and His basic Criticism was that I was self-guruing, thinking that I could heal. And it was very obvious to me He was responding to this apparently stray thought I had.
I immediately understood what He was talking about and I was moved to respond to Him in writing, having received personal instruction from the Guru. I cannot remember the details of what I wrote, but I made clear that I understood what He was Communicating, and that I felt I was obviously being healed by Him on some level from this ego-stance.
I thought that would be it and I would never be invited to work on Avatar Adi Da again. But the next week came around, and He asked me to work on Him again. I worked on Avatar Adi Da two or three more times during my retreat. I guess partly because of the healing, cleansing—whatever you want to call it—that He had done with me, the later sessions felt more natural and easy, and I began to much more feel Him instead of being so nervous.
In a way it is impossible to describe, but it just felt like I was in a field and flow of energy, where there were huge waves of energy. I lost that feeling of separateness that is usually part of my point of view. I felt like I was simply in His Field of Energy. And interestingly, I could see that, on one level, His Body was a conditional body like everyone else’s, but I also felt that He had no psychic guarding whatsoever. I felt like, on some kind of level, I could put my hand right through Him with no resistance. I had not felt that before, with anyone, even very young babies. And I have never felt that on anyone else but Him.”

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