Everything Is Energy

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj brings unprecedented clarity to the nature of energy healing and the context in which it is engaged. Specifically, He gives straightforward and precise descriptions of the energy dimensions that are most relevant to healing—the physical dimension and the etheric dimension. He describes how these two dimensions of energy function in relation to the human system itself and in relation to the universal (or cosmic) system of energy in which human beings are inherently participating. And, most significantly, He Reveals the Fundamental (or Prior) Condition, or Reality, of everything and everyone—which is the ultimate Context in which all healing occurs.

In this excerpt from Conductivity Healing, Avatar Adi Da discusses the way in which “Everything Is Energy”:

If you rub your hands together, and then hold them close but slightly apart, you can feel the energy between them. You can feel there is a kind of vibratory fluid between the hands.
What does that mean? It means that the physical body is not merely “material” in some gross, meat-like sense. The physical body is part of an energy-domain.
If you go deeply into the physical dimension, you see it is simply energies. It is mainly space. When you get down to the atomic level, there is a lot of space in between so-called “particles”. It is a field of energy. The particles are not particles—when seen truly, they are energy-fields.
Everything is energy-fields—everything! There is no “matter”. There is only energy-fields. Everything is an apparition of energy fields. Everything cosmic, everything conditional, is energy only. There is no matter otherwise.
What appears to be matter is a mode of energy. If you get close enough to it, you find matter to be energy. If you get more of a distant view, you feel it as “stuff”. But, in truth, there is no “stuff”—there are only fields of energy.
Functioning on the basis of this understanding is fundamental human responsibility. The Reality-Way I Reveal and Give includes that understanding as part of the basic responsibility for practice. Right-life practice is energy-practice relative to the life-domain.

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