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Conducting the Flow of Natural Life-Energy

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj uses the term “conductivity” to describe the practice of magnifying and circulating natural life-energy in the body. Such “conductivity” of natural life-energy is the practical foundation of all the energy-healing practices given by Avatar Adi Da.

In this excerpt from Conductivity Healing, Avatar Adi Da writes about the “secret” of “conductivity”:

The secret of “conductivity”: Treat or relate to the phenomenal “world” and “self” (or the body-mind-complex) as energy rather than mere matter. And treat or relate to every condition of the phenomenal “world” and “self”—positive or negative, high or low—as the same Ultimate and Total Energy (or Self-Radiance of Transcendental Spiritual Divine Being). Body and mind are the same energy. Use every condition or circumstance as an incident of transmission of energy, continuous with the Radiant Principle of Divine Being. Open to energy, contact it, and circulate it. And communicate it in all directions and relations through love.

And in this excerpt (originally appearing in The Dawn Horse Testament, which uses unique conventions of capitalization), Avatar Adi Da asserts that well-being is essentially a matter of the free flow of natural life-energy in the body. And, likewise, healing service to another is about supporting this flow of energy in the body of the one you are serving:

What Is functionally and organically wrong with anyone who is sick Is That There Is a limitation On The Natural Life-Energy That Is Available To Move In the person. If a person is ill, he or she Is Invariably Enervated and Obstructed (or toxic). Therefore, . . . Healing Must Address These Two Aspects Of the condition of anyone who is ill: Toxicity and Enervation. First, The Obstructions In the person’s system Should Be Removed, Such That The Natural Life-Energy Is Able To Flow Freely (Thereby Further Increasing The Available Natural Life-Energy and The Degree Of bodily Health)—and, Second, A Greater Degree Of Positive Natural Life-Energy Should Be Introduced Into the system of the ill person.

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